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Having been quiet for most of this year in terms of live performances Zebra & Giraffe played at PopArt this weekend to end off their stripped down Winter tour. This is fast becoming one of my favourite annual gigs, each winter the guys from Z&G rework their songs which works really well as I get the feeling a lot of the songs have started out with acoustic guitar and vocals thus lending themselves to be moulded into the intimate versions of the radio friendly songs that we have come to know Zebra & Giraffe for.

I am never pleasantly surprised by any South African music crowd so this last Friday was definitely a first, I have never seen (or heard?) such an attentive crowd at a South African show. It’s refreshing to see a crowd come watch a band as opposed to coming for a drink and have a band for the backdrop.


Anyway, enough of my thoughts. The photos.


Zebra & Giraffe @ PopArt

Zebra & Giraffe @ PopArt
Zebra & Giraffe @ PopArtZebra & Giraffe @ PopArt Zebra & Giraffe @ PopArt Zebra & Giraffe @ PopArt

Zebra & Giraffe @ PopArt Zebra & Giraffe @ PopArt


Live Music


I covered the John Newman gig for Texx and the City last week, Beatenberg opened the show. It was a difficult show to shoot due to some particularly strange lighting… A full review can be found here.


John Newman

Beatenberg & John Newman_9687_1 Beatenberg & John Newman_9694_1 Beatenberg & John Newman_9679_1 Beatenberg & John Newman_9640_1 Beatenberg & John Newman_9645_1 Beatenberg & John Newman_9674_1 Beatenberg & John Newman_9622_1 Beatenberg & John Newman_9676_1 Beatenberg & John Newman_9712_1 Beatenberg & John Newman_9610_1 Beatenberg & John Newman_9632_1



Beatenberg & John Newman_9662_1

Beatenberg & John Newman_9713_1


Beatenberg & John Newman_9559_1

Beatenberg & John Newman_9535_1 Beatenberg & John Newman_9579_1 Beatenberg & John Newman_9566_1 Beatenberg & John Newman_9539_1


Live Music


I was invited to the Skylight album launch that took place this last Wednesday night, after threatening to release a record for a while now the guys have finally done it. It was great to see a relatively new band play to a good supportive crowd, it’s not a common experience for new bands in Johannesburg so I was pleasantly surprised. Tanz Live does not make it easy for gig photographers as the lighting is pretty poor and not well thought out but with the use of some ¬†flash I think I managed to get a few decent shots. This was easily the most difficult venue that I’ve shot at live show at.

Michael Lowman did a good job of getting the crowd ready and I managed to capture a few of him as well. The photos…



SkylightSkylight Skylight Skylight Skylight Skylight



Michael Lowman

Michael Lowman Michael Lowman Michael Lowman Michael Lowman MIchael Lowman05 - Ravi Panchia Photography